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Non-Muslims perceive the Qur’an as a series of self-contained statements, parables, stories, injunctions, and prohibitions. However, Muslims believe that underlying this diverse grouping is a unity of purpose, message, idiom, and style. The Qur’an in Arabic has been rightly described by many as a symphony of words.

Memorizing the verses of the Quran by heart is a divine attribute bestowed upon a few lucky ones by Allah Almighty. Committing the verses to memory is a source of great blessing. The Qur’an was subsequently written down and memorized by professing Muslim men and women, during the ear of the Prophet (pbuh).

About the Course

Quran Memorization can never be done with rote learning. We have developed effective teaching methods and tricks to help students in their strife to learn the verses by heart.

At Al-Manaarah Academy, we offer a state-of-the-art ‘Memorize the Quran’ course with the latest techniques and tools to help you in memorizing the Holy Book with precision and accuracy. We aim to do so in the shortest possible time. The course emphasizes the correct pronunciation and diction along with memorization of verses.

There is no age limit to join this course. However, basic understanding of the Quran and the ability to read verses without any problem is a must. This course is open for both adults and kids. You would require great management skills and discipline along with a bit of patience. Moreover, the shortcomings of human memory mean that you’ll be required to continuously review and reinforce. 

The course is divided into two categories i.e.

  • For Beginners: Learn the verses by listening to them. Memorization via listening is done with the help of critical methodologies to yield maximum results.
  • Advanced: This stage focuses on reading as well as listening. The students who enroll in this course will be required to recite and learn the verses by looking at them. This is also one of the proven memorization techniques by Al-Manaarah Academy.

Each category is designed with careful considerations and equipped with effective methodologies to ease the experience for students.


You’ll come across people who believe that the Quran should be memorized at an early age. At Al-Manaarah, we have a different ideology. It is not about when you memorize, it is more about how you memorize the Quran. Our teachers from Al-Azhar University are hafiz/hafizah with Ijazah. So we can confidently say that you’ll be in safe hands. 

Even the scientific studies show that memorization of the Quran should be done through the help of a proficient teacher otherwise; the student is likely to lose interest and stray from the purpose.

Learning Outcomes

  • Short surah memorization
  • Long surah memorization
  • Categorical understanding of the background and historical perspective of different surahs and verses.