Shaban Glories times

2 of Shaban 5 AH
The Battle of Bani al-Mustaliq and the reason for it was that some news came to the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, that the polytheists were gathering to fight him and destroy the Muslims.

Sufyan narrated from Amr bin Dinar that he heard Jabir bin Abdullah saying:
“We were in a battle” – Sufyan said: “They say it was the battle of Banu Mustaliq” – “A man from the Muhajirin kicked a man from the Ansar. The man from the Muhajirin said: ‘O Muhajirin!’ the man from the Ansar said: ‘O Ansar!’ The Prophet heard that and said: ‘What is this evil call of Jahliyyah?’ They said: ‘A man from the Muhajirin kicked a man from the Ansar.’ So the Prophet said: ‘Leave that, for it is offensive.’ Abdullah bin Ubayy bin Salul heard that and said: ‘Did they really do that? By Allah! If we return to Al-Madinah indeed the more honorable will expel therefrom the meaner.’ Umar said: ‘Allow me to chop off the head of this hypocrite, O Messenger of Allah!’ The Prophet said: ‘Leave him, I do not want the people to say that Muhammad kills his Companions.’” Someone other than Amr said: “So his son, Abdullah bin Abdullah, said: ‘By Allah! You shall not return until you say that you are the mean and that the Messenger of Allah is the honorable.’ So he did so.”

10 of Shaban 12 AH
The Battle of Alhaseed Among the Muslims led by “Al-Qaa’a bin Amr” and the Persians, led by Ruzaba, the Muslims were victorious, and the Persian army fled after the killing of their leader.

11 of Shaban 12 AH
the battle of the alkhanafes” between the Muslims led by Urwa bin Al-Jaad Al-Barqi, and the Christians of the Muslims Arabs during the Islamic conquest of Iraq, and the won in this battle

24 of Shaban 13 AH
the Battle of “Alice the Minor” between the Muslims led by “Al-Muthanna bin Haritha” and the Persians, in which the victory was an ally of the Muslims.

23 of Shaban 13 AH
the battle algeser between the Muslims led by Abi Ubaid and the Persians led by Dhul Hajib Bahman bin Jadwih It was a huge battle in which Abu Ubaid was martyred, and Al-Muthanna bin Haritha assumed the leadership, and the Muslims were not successful in achieving victory, even if they did well in the battle.

22 of Shaban 588 AH
Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi and Richard the Lionheart concluded a peace treaty known as the Ramla Peace Treaty after the Third Crusade failed to achieve its goals. The two parties agreed that Christians would be allowed to pilgrimage to Jerusalem in safety and security and that the Crusaders would rule the Levantine coast from Tire to Jaffa.

27 of Shaban 616 AH
The fall of the city of Damietta in the hands of the Crusaders after a valiant resistance during the Fifth Crusade against Egypt led by “Hanna de Brien”, but the Egyptians, led by Sultan Al-Kamil, succeeded in evacuating them.

20 of Shaban 852 AH
The Ottoman Sultan Murad II defeats the Christian armies of Europe, consisting of one hundred thousand fighters in the battle of “Kosova” after 3 days of fierce fighting in which 17,000 Europeans were killed. This European campaign is the sixth campaign that Europe is preparing to expel the Ottomans from Europe, but it failed to achieve Target.

9 of Shaban 932 AH
The Muslim Sultan Babur Shah defeats a huge Indian army, comprising 100,000 soldiers and a thousand elephants, in the Battle of Panipat, which lasted only 7 hours. Babur Shah belongs to the Timur dynasty, which established Islamic rule in India that lasted 3 centuries.

18th of Shaban 967 AH
The Ottoman fleet, led by Turghad Pasha, defeated the Spanish Crusader fleet in the battle of “Jerba” near Tunisia, in one of the major naval battles in world history at that period, and killed more than two-thirds of the Spanish fleet’s sailors, while only a thousand Ottoman martyrs fell.

15th of Shaban 1294 AH
The Ottoman commander Ahmed Mukhtar Pasha defeats the Russian army in the battle of “Kedkler”, and obtains from the Ottoman Sultan “Abdul Hamid II” the title of “Ghazi” for his multiple victories over the Russian armies.

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